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When looking for information related to a parcel start at the Search page and enter data in any one of the three options presented. If the search does not show the information you are seeking check the search criteria, or narrow your search by providing more specific information.

How to find the data you need.

First perform a search and go to the Parcel Details page then,

If you are looking for..

  • …General Parcel Information – The Detail page you are on has the data.
  • …An original tax bill – Scroll about half way down the page and click the link for the tax bill year you desire.
  • …Payment History – Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • …Single Year Parcel Detail – Click the “Single Page” button.
  • …Zoning or Sanitary Permits – Click the “Permits” button.
  • …Register of Deeds Data – Click the “Deeds” button.
  • …A Parcel Map – Click the “Map” button.

Real Estate Tax Bills

Oneida County requires that the tax bill be mailed directly to the property owner. Please provide your mortgage company with a copy of your bill if needed, or direct them to our website to view.

If you do not receive your tax bill, it is up to the property owner to determine the amount and to pay property taxes timely.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not take away the responsibility to pay taxes timely per State Statute 74.07(6)

Real Property tax bills are issued by the third Monday in December and are due in part or full by January 31st each year to the Local Municipal Treasurer, please see County Directory for Town/City Treasurers contact information. Taxes are considered delinquent if payment is not postmarked by January 31st and received within 5 business days following January 31st.  Delinquent taxes are payable to Oneida County.  Interest and penalty accrues at the rate of 1.5 percent per month until the bill is paid. Delinquent Notices are mailed twice, once in March and once in September, and Final Notices before Tax Foreclosures are mailed on June 1st for taxes 4 years delinquent.

Postponed 2nd installment taxes are for owners who paid their first installment to local municipality by January 31st.  Postponed 2nd installment taxes are paid to Oneida County Treasurer between Feb 1st and July 31st.   Taxes are considered delinquent with penalty and interest accruing as of February 1st if the second installment is not postmarked by July 31st and received within 5 business days of July 31st.

Payment Priority

Per State Statute 74.11 (12) Treasurers must apply payments in the following order if a partial payment is received:

  • Personal Property Tax
  • Delinquent Utility Charges
  • Special Charges
  • Special Assessments
  • Special Taxes
  • Real Property Taxes

Payment on Split Parcels

If a property is split during a year, there will be only one tax bill.  It will show the assessment for the property as a whole as of January 1st.  To have your portion of the tax bill split out you will need to write or email your local treasurer with your request.  They will contact the assessor for values of each part of the split tax parcel.  They can then manually write a tax bill for each party’s portion.  These bills must add up to the total tax bill and if one party does not pay their portion of the bill the taxes will show delinquent.  You must do this as early as possible because the tax bill will be considered delinquent if not paid timely.  You can contact the local treasurer before tax bills are generated so they have the information ready as soon as they have the printed tax bill. You can find your local treasurer in the County Directory.

Payment Options

First installments or full payment must be made to the Local Municipal Treasurer.  Each town determines what payment options they will have available. Please see County Directory for their contact information.

Postponed 2nd installment or delinquent payments are collected by Oneida County Treasurer.  You can pay your taxes online or by calling Point and Pay at 1-888-891-6064 option 1.  Pay by mail or in person to the Oneida County Treasurer.  Please note however, our online process is closed during the Local Municipalities collection period from November 1st to Feb 1st.

If paying online or using the self-service telephone system, you will pay a convenience fee. The amount of the fee is determined by the amount and type of payment chosen.
For Credit or Debit cards the fee is a percentage of the amount charged, and electronic checks are a set dollar rate. The Point and Pay convenience fee covers costs associated with electronic transactions.   Your payment will be applied to your outstanding taxes on the 3rd business day following your payment.  However, the date of payment will be considered the postmark date.

The charge for returned payments is $20 per payment.  Tax payment will be deleted and penalty and interest charges will accrue if payment is made outside the postponed tax period.  If a payment is returned we will only accept payment by cash, cashier’s check or money order to replace payment and pay returned check fee.

Interest and Penalty Charges:

Interest of 1% and penalty of .5% will be charged starting on February 1st following the due date of January 31st if at least the first installment is not paid to the municipality.   1.5% is charged on the first of the month on the unpaid balance and stays the same throughout the month.  Partial payments are pro-rated to pay a percentage on taxes, penalty and interest.  If at least the first installment is not paid by January 31st then the entire tax bill becomes due and delinquent immediately.  You also lose the option of paying in installments without the penalty and interest charges.  The County Treasurer will accept partial payments but penalty and interest will keep accruing at a rate of 1.5% per month on the unpaid delinquent tax balance until it is paid in full.

If the 2nd postpone installment payment is not paid by the due date interest and penalty is charged retroactive to February 1st.

Other Fees:

Descriptions of Other Fees-

Returned payment fees will be $20 per payment.  This must be paid in cash, cashier’s check or money order.  We will not accept a personal check to replace payment or pay fee.

Foreclosure fee – In Rem foreclosure proceedings begin on September 1st each year.  The tax year that is 4 years delinquent will be charged a foreclosure fee to cover the cost of the procedure.  Payment must be made in certified funds such as cash, cashier’s check or money order.  This fee will be deducted from the payment before funds are applied to the outstanding taxes.

Environmental fee – if a property is in the In Rem foreclosure process on June 1st an environmental assessment will be performed and charged to the property.  This fee will be deducted from the payment before funds are applied to the outstanding taxes and must be made by certified funds.

Incorrect Billing Address

Contact the Real Property Lister at 715-369-6149 or

Personal Property

The Assessor for each Municipality certifies the amount for the Municipality to bill. The fiscal year referenced on your tax bill is the same as the County’s billing year. The information billed is based on the Personal Property Return filed with the Local Assessor by you or your predecessor for the previous calendar year for property owned as of January 1.  See County Directory for each municipalities assessors contact information.

Please note that Personal Property taxes are due as indicated on the bill and are payable to your Local Treasurer, please see County Directory for contact information. To avoid interest accruing make payment by the due date indicated.

In Rem Foreclosure Information

Real Estate Taxes that are delinquent 4 years enter into the In Rem Foreclosure Proceedings beginning on September 1st of the 4th year.   Payment of taxes and fees must be in cash or certified funds.  A personal check will not be accepted.  A fee is assessed to complete necessary title work, publications, mailings, and other processing.  An additional fee is added to the redemption for Environmental screening, which begins on April 1st.  Other fees may be added as the process moves forward as necessary.  The last date of redemption is May 31st.  Only the foreclosure year of tax, penalty, interest and fees is required to be paid before that date.  From June 1st to within 10 days of court, all tax years, penalty, interest, and fees must be paid in order to redeem from foreclosure.   After that the only payment allowed will be at court with cash to pay all taxes, penalty, interest, and fees owing.  Typically, the court date is set in mid-July but can be any time after May 31st.  Once the Court awards Oneida County with the judgment the property owner has 30 days to remove all personal property before the property is put up for sale.  For property tax sales due to tax foreclosure contact the Land Information Office at 715-369-6179 or


For information concerning the Lottery and Gaming Credit, please follow the following link to frequently asked questions on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website:

For Lottery and Gaming Credit forms click on the following link and pick the form that meets your needs:

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